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Choose Malte for an unparalleled visual journey. With two decades of experience in photography and videography, Malte is your go-to creative for crafting authentic visuals with a warm-hearted vibe. With enthusiasm, organizational talent, and passion for detail, coupled with a natural and humorous approach, he creates a relaxed atmosphere for collaborative success. Elevate your brand with Malte's unique ability to connect on a personal level and leave a lasting impression.



selected clients

Jung von Matt, thjnk, Zum goldenen Hirschen, DDB, Ogilvy, Scholz + Friends, Grabartz&Partner, legas delaney, TBWA, Huth + Wenzel, Butter, C3, Palladium, cobblestone, Markenfilm, territory, rethink, the oval office, Wirdesign, Prinzip-E, looping, WWG, Arthen, Achtung!, L'amour extreme



selected clients

GEO, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC traveller, Lufthansa magazine, Audi Magazin, Mercedes-Benz magazine, The New York Times, DIE ZEIT, Stern, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, BEEF, Conde Nast Traveller, DB Mobil, Cosmopolitan



selected clients

Hansgrohe, Liebherr, Fissler, Geramont, Quäse, Rama, wmf, Mini, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Siemens, Suzuki, Uber, Radeberger, Fürstenberg, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn, ADAC, Nissan, DHL, KFW, Bundesdruckerei, DWI, MEAG, Santander, Aeroports de Paris, Sofitel


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freezing a moment in an image to conserve this one beautiful feeling.

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